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June 6, 2013

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Congrats to all the youngsters who are about to embark on summer vacation/graduation? Woop dee doo!

Okay, let’s do this!!!
First off, we have a brand new band from Scotland called the Murderburgers Kind of like a big punk mixture of teenage bottlerocket, meets chixdiggit, meets the queers, meets the ramones. You can listen to a preview here:

(Asian Man debut “These Are Only Problems”, will be out late summer/early fall)

To add to our growing list of Sacramento, Ca bands(KEPI, DOG PARTY, KEVIN SECONDS), we’re putting out a split 7” with the Croissants( and Union Hearts( Nothing fancy here, just straight up no frills punk rock. I’ve always loved split 7 inches, so definitely look for more in the future.

And with that cue…
Another split 7” coming out from the SF punk band NOTHINGTON( and Chicago punk band The Downtown Struts( Both bands recorded two songs each, but the Struts could only fit one song on their side of the wax, so the 2nd song will be on the download code. Blah blah blah. We’ll fill you in with more details as it gets closer to happening.

Sundials from Richmond will be releasing “Always Whatever (A Collection of Songs from 2009-2012). Hope to have this done by the end of July. These are the songs that first caught my attention to the greatness that is Sundials. They’ll be on tour with Pet Symmetry starting on the 4th of July.
07.04.13-Chicago, IL @ Gnarnia
07.05.13-Rock Island, IL @ Rozz – Tox
07.06.13-Milwaukee, WI @ Derrick Zoo Lander’s
07.07.13-Grant Rapids, MI @ DACC
07.08.13-Flint, MI @ Flint Local 432
07.09.13-Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
07.10.13-Binghamton, NY @ House Spot
07.11.13-Bay Shore, NY @ Even Flow
07.12.13-Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
07.13.13-Cambridge, MA @ Democracy Center
07.14.13-Southington, CT @ Bramble Jam
07.15.13-New Brunswick, NJ @ Cooler Ranch
07.16.13-Bethlehem, PA @ Gallery U
07.17.13-Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary
07.18.13-Alexandria, VA @ The Lab
07.19.13-Richmond, VA @ The Camel
07.20.13-Blacksburg, VA @ I Got Brains Fest

DOG PARTY will be supporting and backing KEPI GHOULIE on a month long tour that starts tonight. Please go out and make them feel loved.
06.06.13-Sacramento, CA @ Luigi’s
06.07.13-Fresno, CA @Chinatown Youth Center
06.08.13-San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe
06.09.13-Long Beach, CA @ DiPiazza
06.10.13-Fullerton, CA @ The Programme
06.11.13-Phoenix, AZ @ Trunkspace
06.12.13-Bisbee, AZ @ Old City Park
06.13.13-Las Cruces, NM @ The Trainyard
06.14.13-Howe, TX @ TBA
06.15.13-Beaumont, TX @ Tequila Rok
06.17.13-Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub
06.18.13-St. Augustine, FL @ Nobby’s
06.19.13-Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
06.20.13-Huntsville, AL @ Lowe Mill
06.21.13-Murray, KY @ Terrapin Station
06.22.13-Akron, OH @ Old Haunts Tavern
06.23.13-Long Branch, NJ @ The Brighton Bar
06.24.13-Ridgewood, NJ @ TBA
06.26.13-Winooski, VT @ Monkey House
06.28.13-Baltimore, MD @ Insub. Fest
06.29.13-Baltimore, MD @ Insub. Fest
06.30.13-Erie, PA @ Basement Transmissions
07.01.13-Ft Wayne, IN @ The Art Studio (1301 Lafayette)
07.02.13-Chicago, IL @ The Township
07.03.13-Appleton, WI @ Fox River House
07.04.13-Annondale, MN @ The Roadhouse
07.06.13-Great Falls, MT @ Machinery Row
07.07.13-Spokane, WA @ Time Bomb
07.08.13-Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
07.09.13-Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston
07.10.13-Portland, OR @ katie obriens

April 18, 2013

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PLEASE DON’T POST THIS SUBSCRIPTION info on any newsgroups or message boards. Allow Asian Man newsletter subscribers first crack at this.

Let’s get started.
It’s all about the VINYL SUBSCRIPTION today.

We sent out emails to all our current members with a chance to renew their membership. If you are a current member and didn’t get that email, just keep reading.

If you have no idea what this vinyl subscription deal is, then this is for you. :)
You will receive the next TEN full lengths on 12″ vinyl, or two 7″s (which equal one full length). So it could be six full lengths and eight 7″s or seven full lengths and six 7″s. Make sense?
But to sweeten the pot we will make sure you get at least 12 full lengths(or equivalent of) and maybe even more?? :)

If there is a rare color variant, then you will be the first one to get that version. Your orders will ship first. You will also receive free stuff with each release like posters, stickers, patches. We will also be sending you a full color classic asian man t-shirt design. Basically, my goal is to make those who get a membership freak out at the end by thinking “Holy moly!! I got so much stuff”.

We put out tons of records every year, so you will be sure to get stuff constantly with no worries of us ever going out of business. We started putting records out in 1996. We’re almost 18 years old(almost legal). HOOORAY!!

So many good records coming out including Andrew Jackson Jihad double live 12″, Nothington/Downtown Strutts 7″(ltd to 500 one time pressing), The WILD “Dreams Are Maps” 12″, Maguma Taishi 7″(feat. Paddy from Dillinger Four and Mike Park ltd to 500 one time pressing), the first pressing of PET SYMMETRY(which is basically sold out, and so much more.

At the end of the deal, if you don’t like what you got just return everything and I’ll refund your money(as long as things aren’t damaged). I’m serious. Okay, MAILING LIST friends you get first crack at this and then I’m going to social media.

—This is for USA customers only. If you live outside of the USA please contact us and we’ll figure out an appropriate shipping price to accommodate you.—

Please click this link to order. The total price is $100 + $40 shipping.

This will be limited to 300 members. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

Be well.
peace, mike park

April 10, 2013

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DO YOU BOOK DIY SHOWS?-All of you who book shows across the United States or actually anywhere in the world, get in touch. Trying to build a good network of DIY venues/promoters for Asian Man Records bands. So get in touch if you can help with booking.

TRADES: Anybody live in the bay area?? Near San Francisco? Want to trade stuff for Asian Man cds, shirts, etc. What free stuff you ask?? Basically
anything..if you work in a restaurant, theater, any type of entertainment like arcades, batting cages, amusement parks, blah blah….anything. Let’s trade!! Anything we have at Asian Man is up for trade. BOOYAH!!

Happy Thursday. What a beautiful day here in San Jose. Makes me super duper happy!! WOO HOO!.. Anyways, here we go…..

Pre-orders for the WILD’s new full length album “Dreams Are Maps” and PET SYMMETRY’s “Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles” 7” are both up for pre-order on the asian man site.

The Pet Symmetry record features Evan Weiss from Into It. Over It and Erik Czaja and Marcus Nuccio from Dowsing. The 7” is friggin good. Just imagine that great Midwest pop punk sound, but just done right. You can check out a track here:

The first pressing is on random colored vinyl and there are 700 of these made. These will be gone soon. I hadn’t realized how fanatical Into It. Over It. and Dowsing fans were about vinyl. The band announced it yesterday and we’ve sold more than 400 without any mention on our end. WOWZA. So yeah, if you want to get this then you better hurry. FUN FUN

THE WILD from Atlanta, GA. Have graced us with the most beautiful follow up record anybody could ask for. The band headed south to Laura Jane Grace’s studio with Laura gracing her production to what is now “DREAMS ARE MAPS”. Everything about the record is beautiful. From the Gatefold jacket designed by Dianna Settles from the Wild, to the amazing song writing, to the performance, to the production, and blah blah blah.

We’ve set up a few different package deals for the WILD album. It’s all detailed on the asian man site.

Okay… I think that’s it for today. Oh yes, one last thing. Myself and Dan Potthast are flying out to New Orleans tomorrow to participate in the COMMUNITY RECORDS BLOCK PARTY festival, so if any of you friends live out there, please come out and say hello. It’s always fun being surrounded by nice and friendly people.
Peace always, Mike Park

March 25, 2013

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Hello friends. Hope all is well in your world. I am currently flying 41,000 feet somewhere over the middle of the US of A. I’ve spent the last 3 months on tour with a children’s television show called Yo Gabba Gabba. I was the super music friend on the live version of the show.

And I thought I’d be ultra productive with work and I should have and could have, but instead I spent most of my time wandering the various cities, eating candy, drinking hot tea, and daydreaming about what it would be like living there. So yeah, that leads us to this short and concise newsletter.

Basically, I’m so behind on everything I don’t even know where to start so I’m going to just write and see what I come up with.

The Atom Age are looking for a drummer for their May 1st to June 1st tour. They’ll be doing most of the US as well as Pouzza Fest in Montreal. Any serious drummers message them at

The Exquisites/Wild Moth are doing a short west coast tour together:
4.12.13-Bellingham, WA @ Yellingham Fest w/Shook Ones
4.13.13-Bellevue, WA @ Ground Zero (early show)
4.13.13-Olympia, WA @ TBA
4.14.13-Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
4.15.13-Portland, OR @ TBA
4.16.13-Oakland, CA @ Yellow Room
4.17.13-Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ Summer Vacation
4.18.13-Los Angeles, CA @ Unit B w/ Dad Puncher
4.19.13-San Jose, CA @ House of the Dead Rat w/ Hard Girls
4.20.13-San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ Shinobu

Congratulations are in order to Ben from Andrew Jackson Jihad. He is now a proud father to his first baby boy? Shoooootzzzz.. I can’t remember if they had a boy or girl? But congrats Ben either way.

The Taxpayers are on the cover of the current Razorcake. That’s pretty cool. yay.

We’re gonna be doing a 7” with PET SYMMETRY (members of Into It. Over It. and Dowsing). Here’s a sneak peek… NICE!!!

I(mike park) recorded some punk songs with Paddy from Dillinger Four and Matthew and Hideo from Birthday Suits. We are called Maguma Taishi and we have a 7 inch coming out this summer. We’ll probably never play a show, but this was a lot of fun recording. You can hear a song here:

and I’m positive there’s much much more, but this is all I can think of now. I’ll get back into the swing of things with weekly updates now that I’m heading home. Be well friends.
Smile big and be nice to people.
peace, mike park

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12" EP






/ CD




--- January 31, 2015 ---

New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jacks

San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore

--- January 29, 2015 ---

Pomona, CA @ VLHS

--- January 17, 2015 ---

San Jose, CA @ Billy DeFrank Center

--- January 16, 2015 ---

Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar

Paris, France @ In Between Gallery (Shashin Book Award 2014 Exhibition)

--- January 12, 2015 ---

San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge

Available Winter 2014/2015. Already available on CD, but coming to you on vinyl soon, Dan P's newest album is dedicated to all you homebodies, rockin' out on your couches across the world.

Available Winter 2014/2015. Stellar new indie/punk band, from members of Algernon Cadwallader and Snowing.

Available Winter/Spring 2015. Chris Farren + Jeff Rosenstock = ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI. Four sweet, sweet power-pop hits!

Available Spring 2015. Debut full length. Earnest pop/punk from Chicago.

Available Spring 2015. Debut album from these former members of Summer Vacation. Dark, snotty punk for fans of Recess Records-style bands.

Available Spring 2015. New full length of traditional and 2-Tone SKA from San Jose. Big brass like Bad Manners with the soul of the Isley Brothers.

Available April 2015. Collection of amazing songs from these Japanese ska/punk legends.