MARCH 20, 2014

Happy Wednesday!
Let’s do this!!

Have you heard this band before? For years I’ve been in love with their music.
They’re not only a great band, but great friends. But I wanted them to work hard
and not just rely on me and my good looks to put out their music. So after a few
years of making them sweat, I’m here to announce that the new Hard Girls album
“A Thousand Surfaces” will be coming out June 24th via Asian Man Records. If
you’re not familiar, please get familiar. Think of a mix between the
Weakerthans, Guided By Voices, Superchunk, Wire ,and Jawbreaker. That’s a good
start. Check out a new track from the forthcoming album and PLEASE Please do me
a favor and share with friends.

Super friend Dan P will be doing a solo tour around the U.S. and Canada this
summer(JUNE/JULY/AUGUST). No bars, no clubs, ALL LIVING ROOMS! He’s especially
excited to play small and obscure out of the way towns. If this sounds like
something that you’d be interested in hosting, please Email
and he will hash out the details.

We’re doing a split release with my family friendly label FUN FUN RECORDS to
release the new Koo Koo Kanga Roo album. Not familiar? This duo is unlike any
band I’ve released before. One night you can see them performing with Yo Gabba
Gabba and then the next night you’ll see them with Dillinger Four. You might
have seen them on tour with Frank Turner and The Smith Street Band or your kids
might have told you about this crazy band that played their school assembly. I
call this music FUNCORE. Check out a video for their hit single that’s sweeping
the nation called fanny pack.

I started up a SKA store to sell a lot of my vinyl. I want to keep this mostly
a vinyl distro for SKA, so if you’re in a band and you want to consign your
records, just get in touch. The store is here:

And that’s it for now. Hope all is well. If you have a question, just shoot me
an email at
Be well.
Peace, mike park