March 25, 2013

Hello friends. Hope all is well in your world. I am currently flying 41,000 feet somewhere over the middle of the US of A. I’ve spent the last 3 months on tour with a children’s television show called Yo Gabba Gabba. I was the super music friend on the live version of the show.

And I thought I’d be ultra productive with work and I should have and could have, but instead I spent most of my time wandering the various cities, eating candy, drinking hot tea, and daydreaming about what it would be like living there. So yeah, that leads us to this short and concise newsletter.

Basically, I’m so behind on everything I don’t even know where to start so I’m going to just write and see what I come up with.

The Atom Age are looking for a drummer for their May 1st to June 1st tour. They’ll be doing most of the US as well as Pouzza Fest in Montreal. Any serious drummers message them at

The Exquisites/Wild Moth are doing a short west coast tour together:
4.12.13-Bellingham, WA @ Yellingham Fest w/Shook Ones
4.13.13-Bellevue, WA @ Ground Zero (early show)
4.13.13-Olympia, WA @ TBA
4.14.13-Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
4.15.13-Portland, OR @ TBA
4.16.13-Oakland, CA @ Yellow Room
4.17.13-Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ Summer Vacation
4.18.13-Los Angeles, CA @ Unit B w/ Dad Puncher
4.19.13-San Jose, CA @ House of the Dead Rat w/ Hard Girls
4.20.13-San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ Shinobu

Congratulations are in order to Ben from Andrew Jackson Jihad. He is now a proud father to his first baby boy? Shoooootzzzz.. I can’t remember if they had a boy or girl? But congrats Ben either way.

The Taxpayers are on the cover of the current Razorcake. That’s pretty cool. yay.

We’re gonna be doing a 7” with PET SYMMETRY (members of Into It. Over It. and Dowsing). Here’s a sneak peek… NICE!!!

I(mike park) recorded some punk songs with Paddy from Dillinger Four and Matthew and Hideo from Birthday Suits. We are called Maguma Taishi and we have a 7 inch coming out this summer. We’ll probably never play a show, but this was a lot of fun recording. You can hear a song here:

and I’m positive there’s much much more, but this is all I can think of now. I’ll get back into the swing of things with weekly updates now that I’m heading home. Be well friends.
Smile big and be nice to people.
peace, mike park