MAY 8, 2014

Hi friends, hope all is well.
Just a quick shout about a couple new records that are shipping next week.

Getting to release something from Mike Watt is a dream come true. From the Minutemen, to Firehose, he’s the real deal all the way around…..Dreams do come true!!
Chronics are an amazing band from Italy. Both songs are covers of 60’s garage era bands. This is a one time pressing of 480 on black wax. After giving the bands their copies and record club members theirs, not a lot left over. If you want a highly collectible piece of wax, then I would pick this up now before it’s too late.
Mike Watt & The Secondmen
A1. Surfin’ With the Shah
B1. She Don’t Know Why I’m Here
Order here:

And of course the wonderful SPRAYNARD from Westchester, PA..
“THE MARK TOM AND PATRICK SHOW” 12″ is on clear green vinyl. first pressing of 500 is almost gone. This is a compilation of out of print 7-inches, rarities, and previously unreleased material.
1. Internet May Mays
2. Are You Ladies Familiar with the Work of Zach and Cody
3. Just Like Mexico
4. 84′ Sheepdog
5. I’m Going to Look One More Time for the Baby Deer
6. Thrillhouse
7. Do You Guys Even Like U2?
8. Airports and Prank Phone Calls
9. No Taxis in Malvern
10. Subsidizing Edward Norton
11. Until Next Time
12. Our Retired Explorer
13. Live Recording
14. Everyone Everywhere
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and that’s it. Hope you are well. Enjoy your day.
Peace always,
Mike Park