Astropop 3

From the bands conception in 1995, to it’s 1998 debut release on Planting Seeds Records, as well as it’s 1999 CMJ music conference appearance, it’s 7 inch release of “Light Years Away/Agatha” on Asian Man Records, and it’s 2nd full length indie release, “Eclipsing Binary Star” – The Astropop 3 continues to consistently create new and refreshing, yet seemingly timeless pop songs. Drawing upon both modern indie noise and retro pop influences, the band successfully combines both the indie stylings of these two different genres in a familiar yet refreshing fashion.

Releases on Asian Man
AM-063 Astropop3 “Light Years Away” 7″ (out of print)

Dan Villanueva – guitar/vocals
Angelique Everett – vocals
Keith Vanetta – bass
Wendel Nichols – drums