Lawrence Arms

Broadways and Slapstick fans, LISTEN UP! Singing machine, Brendan Kelly, is back with a brand new band. Lawrence Arms is their name and they’ve certainly picked up where the Broadways left off. Lawrence Arms has a bit of a more mature sound of gruff, aggressive, yet melodic punk rock. Their albums are full of energy and will definitely be favorites.

Releases on Asian Man
AM-046 The Lawrence Arms “A Guided Tour of Chicago” LP / CD
AM-059 The Lawrence Arms “Ghost Stories” LP / CD
AM-072 The Lawrence Arms / Shady View Terrace Split CD
AM-077 The Lawrence Arms / The Chinkees Split CD
AM-131 The Lawrence Arms “Cocktails and Dreams” 2xLP / CD

Brendan Kelly – vocals, bass
Neil Hennessy – drums
Chris McCaughan – guitar, vocals