Slow Gherkin

Soul-inspired rhythms and horns are the backbone of Slow Gherkin’s danceable rock sound. Their songs of growing up in, and out of their home of Santa Cruz, CA always delight.

Releases on Asian Man
AM-012 Slow Gherkin “Double Happiness” CD / LP
AM-035 Slow Gherkin “Shed Some Skin” CD / LP
AM-078 Slow Gherkin “Run Screaming” CD
AM-217 Slow Gherkin “Death of a Ska Band” CD

Phil Boutelle: alto sax, backing vocals
Ross Peard: tenor sax
AJ Marquez: vocals, guitar
Achilles Poloynis: trombone
James Rickman: same as AJ
Brendan Thompson: bass
Ollie Olsen: drums