The Chinkees

The Chinkees’ name is not meant to be a racial slur, but just the opposite. It’s meant to be a direct look at racism and the reality of it’s presence… Organ-driven ska, lead by Mike Park, great songs about equality, racial issues and personal experiences!

Releases on Asian Man
AM-020 Chinkees “The Chinkees Are Coming” CD / LP
AM-021 Chinkees “Karaoke with the Chinkees” 7″
AM-043 Chinkees “Peace Through Music” CD / LP
AM-077 Chinkees / Lawrence Arms “Present Day Memories” Split CD (out of print)
AM-088 Chinkees “Searching For a Brighter Future” CD

Mike Park, vocals
Greg Alesandro, guitar & vocals
Miya Zane Osaki, bass & vocals
Jason Thinh, guitar
Steve Choi, keyboards