SMALL CRUSH “Chicken Noodle”

After 23 years of doing ASIAN MAN, I bring you the youngest band I’ve ever worked with…….Introducing Small crush from the Oakland/East bay part of the world!!

Jackson Felton-Junior in High School aka “the Guitar Shredder”
Will Scherer-Senior in High School aka “the Skins Master”
Thomas DeBourbon-Junior in High School aka “Guitar, but now Bass master”
Logan Hammond-1st year in College aka “Bass, now guitar master and vocal master”

One of our wonderful volunteers Joey Miller, while doing work for free(bless him) was playing their music in the garage and I walked in and said Who is This? He played me a bunch of songs and I said “Can you ask them if they’d want to do something with Asian Man?”

And the day before I left for tour(july 13, 2018 to be exact) the band came to the Asian Man garage and we agreed to put out their next record. They are so dreamy, so catchy, so twirl in a circle with your hands up good. Listen to this song and get ready for their S/T full length coming out in either JUNE/JULY of this year.
Peace, mike park